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Swim Coaching - Services
Swim Coaching

Instruction that is tailored to the individual. Everyone is different and your training should be as well. ​With over 20 years of coaching and swimming experience we will be able to help you get faster & comfortable in teh water.

  • Stroke Analysis to help identify your weakness and areas to improve

  • Lesson duration - 30-60 min​​

  • Dry-land workouts for pre-race/session

  • Group Training 

  • Aquacam sessions to allow coach to talk with swimmer while swimming. 

We have a proven method of applying our training zones and you should check it out here

Strength - Services

For swim lesson availability please reach out to us so we can best assist you. 

Functional Strength & Conditioning
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Strength training alone will not help you achieve your goals. Specific programs tailored to your individual needs are a much better use of your time.  We design specific programs to help keep you injury free and allowing you to keep pushing towards your goals. ​

Our Services Include

  • FTP & FTHR testing

  • Personal Training, Small Group Training

  • Functional Movement Assessment

  • Run Analysis

Nutrition - Services
Nutritional Services

Nutrition Services are provided through Kacie at GetFitForIt Training. ​To read more about Kacie and GetFitForIt and click here

Kacie has worked with many endurance athletes and knows what it takes to coach them through their needs. Whether your goal is to loose weight, just finish, or smash your PR she's got your covered for sure. 

What Kacie offers to help you: 

  • 1-on-1 nutrition consulting

  • Online Coaching

    • Weekly feedback  

  • Mind-Body Challenges

    • Check site for more info about upcoming challenges and events here

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