Bike Fitting

Bike fitting is something that should be unique to everyone. When performing your fit we take into account your morphology, injuries, and your riding ability to put you in the best fit possible. With over 200 bike fits to date for Triathletes and Cyclists, we have fit all body types that ranged from people brand new to professionals. Tyler is F.I.S.T. Certified and you can read about what it means to be F.I.S.T. certified here. You can read about the importance of a bike fit here. This service goes great with coaching. 

What you get with a TAS fit:

  • Dynamic power analysis throughout the fit process.

  • Dynamic fit

  • Saddle adjustment (height and fore/aft adjustments)

  • Handlebar/Time Trial dynamic positioning for athletes specific body structure

  • Pedal/ Cleat Adjustments to align legs 

  • Dynamic hip, knee, and foot alignment using video capture 

  • Copy of fit measurement

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