Training Plans
What you get with each plan 
  • Specific Plan for your discipline

  • Proven training for optimal results

  • Training Programs delivered all at once through Training Peaks

  • Specific daily workouts with personalized zones to hit

  • Feedback on training via data uploaded to Training Peaks​

  • Access to Turnaround Sports coach through email.

  • Access to training camps (extra costs involved)

  • Advice on tri specific gear and related topics

  • Access to member area on website with gear discounts, videos, and tips/tricks, course insights 

Ironman Kona, Iroman World Championships, Swim Exit of Triathlon

Pre-made Plan Set-up Process

Step 1

Sign up for a FREE Training Peaks Account or login here if you already have one.  

  • Access your workouts at any time

  • Sync workouts to your training device

  • Upload your data to see how you did compared to the zones specific to each workout

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Step 2

Visit our online store and choose the right plan for you and your distance. Once you complete the process it will be loaded up to your schedule within TrainnigPeaks.

  • Detailed daily workouts with specific zones to hit

  • Workouts can be based off of power, heart rate, or pace  

  • Ability to move daily workouts to days the work best with your schedule with drag and drop

  • Structured training at an affordable price